Lockdown, Changes and New Beginnings

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

After a rocky road (get it?...*nervous laugh*) through lockdown, we are back with a fresh perspective on life and business. A very real read about my experience during lockdown and the good that can come of it.

Well welcome back to Sweet Indulgent Cakes!

Not only do we all find ourselves immersed in a new way of living but as we look around we see changes everywhere. Our day to day lives have changed in ways we could never of imagined but we plan, we adapt and we implement new routines to ensure we are all living our best lives.

Everyone has felt the effects of the global pandemic and as a worldwide family we have had to adapt to a new way of living. This has given us all room to really think about what we are doing and what we want in our futures. Letting go of things you once put so much effort into but didn't necessarily enjoy can be liberating! Being a little daring and taking a chance on yourself can be exciting! It can all get overwhelmingly too much at the moment so focusing on something that brings you joy can be a wonderful outlet.

I have to admit, I was one of those people at the start of it all naively shrugging it off thinking "It cant get that bad"....Oh Sarah, how wrong you were.

My husband (my rock!) is in the military. Ironically he deployed early in February to avoid going away over the summer holidays. We have two amazing kiddies who make my heart burst with love everyday but as anyone with kiddos knows, the prospect of six weeks alone through the summer with them can be terrifying! There is no pause, mute button, or amount of worldly snacks to help you when you just need an hour to reset alone. So off he went..."See you in twelve weeks my love". Then news that changed the world, Covid-19.

I have to admit, I was one of those people at the start of it all naively shrugging it off thinking "It cant get that bad"....Oh Sarah, how wrong you were.

My dearest mum lives three hours away and usually comes up to visit once a month to get all of the grand kiddy love she can get! She is all about being a "Nanny" and we love having her here. When Mr J is away, her arrival is always that little bit more welcome! I can leave the house alone without having to drag two kiddies and the hoard of stuff needed to take kids anywhere. Everything just becomes that little bit easier and less stressful. She helps around the house, she entertains the mini humans and offers company in the evenings when all of the madness is put to bed. Her last visit was six weeks into the deployment. She planned to stay for three weeks and I embraced it after six weeks alone. As news mounted about the global pandemic, two weeks into her visit we decided it was time to get mum home. With rumours of lockdown and case rates rising, as a family we wanted her safe. The day she left, It was announced the schools were closing.

Now I'm not going to lie, I cried. I felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I'd lost the support net of school and our dear childminder and the prospect of doing it all alone was overwhelming. Skipping forward, I did eight weeks of lockdown alone with our two babies. I left the house only to walk our pooches for our daily exercise. Like many, I faced the monotony and trying for the life of me to come up with new ideas each day to keep the kids entertained and happy, desperately to avoid the question that now haunts me, "Mummy, what are we doing today?".

I usually like control, so having to accept the help from AMAZING friends to get food, medicine and sometimes "emergency" snacks felt so weird to me but it has taught me to accept help! To take an offered hand of support, to not feel guilty for having a moan about my day, to let go of control a little.

Days that usually bring joy such as birthdays, mothers day, valentines day brought an air of sadness. It has made me really appreciate the smaller things in life as I'm sure it has for most of us! The relief of my husband arriving home after fourteen weeks away was life changing. A huge weight lifted and watching us all come together as a family unit again replaced all of the negative emotions with fresh new perspectives.

It was time to focus on new beginnings, new adventures and making the most out of the small things in life. I think due to all of the pressure in lockdown and the never ending news of what was happening in the world, my mind needed something else to concentrate on. A good friend of mine suggested I started caking again. I played with a few ideas and offered some prototype boxes of goodies to locally to see if it could "become a thing". The feedback was overwhelming! *Happy dance*

So, I made more boxes, took more photos and started to advertise. I thought "If I can sell five boxes a week, that would be great! Id love to eventually aim for ten" feeling optimistic and nervous about a new venture. Within 3 weeks I have taken more than 50 orders. I have received incredible feedback that has made me literally squeal! Each order placed makes me feel that little bit more proud and confident of my abilities knowing Ive found my caking happy place! Having creative design and using my mental energy to focus on something that makes me feel more accomplished has been just what I needed.

I am so grateful for all of the support Ive had both in my personal life and with my new business venture and I thank everyone who has been involved.

This is the time to do something that makes you feel great, brings you excitement and offers a positive challenge. Learn from the negatives and take advantage of the things we all take for granted.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first ever blog post! I hope you are just as excited to see what comes next for Sweet Indulgent Cakes as I am.

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